Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Curriculum for 2014/2015


Bible:  Sticky Situations: 2
History/Geography:  Mystery of History Volume 1
Science:  Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space
Art:  I Can Do All Things & Art Adventures at Home
Music:   Music Today & Everyday

Eliana:  4th Grade

Handwriting:  A Reason for  Handwriting: C
Creative Writing:  Caution:  Writing in This Book Might Be Fun
Health:  Horizons Health 4
Spelling:  Sequential Spelling 2
Language:  First Language Lessons Level 3
Writing:  Writing with Ease Level 3
Math:  Horizons Math 3 & Teaching Text Books 4

Josiah & Jeremiah:  1st Grade

Phonics:  Horizons
Math:  Saxon 1
Language:  First Language Lessons Level 1
Handwriting:  Handwriting Skills Simplified
Health:  Horizons Health 1

Asher:  Preschool

Letter of the week
Busy Bags
Sensory Bin

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