Friday, May 9, 2014

April 2014 follow up

Here is a look at how I did in April:

1.  Wash all the windows - inside & out
I just purchased a Norwex window cloth this month.  It didn't arrive until last week.  I moved the              window washing to May's goals.  

2.  Finish Eliana's Easter Dress
She had  a new Easter dress, but this was not the one I had planned on making.  My procrastination got the best of me and I made this pillow case dress on Good Friday.  Eliana was thrilled to  have a matching dress for her doll.  Next year we both agreed - we are just buying an Easter dress.

3.  Make  a homemade version of General Tso's Chicken
We tried this crock pot version.  The chicken was really good,  it just didn't taste like General Tso's.

4.  Limit myself on sugar and only have one dessert at week
I really thought this would be easy.  I was so wrong.   I eat a lot more sugar than I realized.  I put this on the list again for May.  I am hoping I can do better.

5.  Put the new windows in the kitchen
We still need to buy the windows.

6.  Sew a tank dress for me
I didn't even attempt this.

7.  Eat a salad for lunch every day
By the end of the month I was tired of salad.  It was easier to do this than I expected.  It is not something I think I can make a habit of.

Things I plan to continue: 

1.  Read 5 books this month

2.  Drink more water
Still working  on this.  Down to one Coke a day.  I'm slowly making progress.

3.  Read the Bible in a year
I'm currently about a week behind.

4.  Exercise 3 times a week
This is so much easier now that I can exercise outside.

5.  Game night once a week
We only played a game once this month.

6.  Date night once a month
We had a lunch date early in the month.  We also had our yearly get away for the homeschool convention.

7.    Get up early
I've been struggling with this since we got home from the convention. 

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1 Corinthians 10:31