Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How I Pick & Buy Curriculum

It's that time of year again - I'm planning next year's school choices.  I've been asked a lot lately about how I pick my curriculum.  If you have looked into homeschooling at all, you know there are thousands of choices out there.  How do you know what to pick?  That is a typical question I hear from new homeschoolers.   The simple answer is I don't.

I'll walk you through what I do and maybe it will work for you.

#1 - I start by checking out my "Cathy Duffy Bible" from the library!
You can also check  out her website

This book was such a life saver my first year homeschooling.  Since I'm an eclectic homeschooler, every year I go back to the book to see what things I may have missed in the past. 

#2 -  I talk to other homeschoolers, people I know.   I always ask two questions, What did you like about the curriculum and what didn't you like about the curriculum?  I've learned what one person dislikes about something may be what I love about it.   Since I not only know the parents, but I also know their kids, it helps to see if our children have similar strengths and weaknesses.

#3 - I check out reviews online.  I do not recommend this if it your first year homeschooling.  After you have a year under your belt you are much more confident in weeding through reviews to see what is really helpful and what isn't. 

#4 - Then I make a list of what all we will be using next year.

#5 - Last year my friend made an awesome spread sheet to show what she needed to buy at convention.  I stole her idea and tweaked it to fit my shopping style.  Here is one page of this years list:

#6 - I try to buy my curriculum used if possible.  My favorite sites are Home School Classifieds & EBAY.  My home school group also has a classified list on our web page.  The group also share and sell curriculum once a year at our monthly meetings.

#7- Whatever I still need to get  I purchase at the convention or online after we get home.

What tricks or tips do you have for picking or buying curriculum? 

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