Monday, March 10, 2014

President's Day Fun

If I have not mentioned how awesome the  homeschooling group we are part of is, let me just say I love our  group.  We have made some amazing friends and have a great support system for this journey of homeschooling.  But that is not what this post is about.  A few weeks ago we celebrated President's day with our group.  I have been wanting to do something the last few years, but just couldn't make it happen.  This year I put it on the calendar over Christmas break, I was then committed.   Each family chose a president that they would like to teach about.  Each family was then to "teach" the group however they wanted.  I am truly astonished at how creative some of our members are.  We had presentations, crafts, snacks, building projects.  It was a multi-sensory teaching approach - there was something for every kind of learner.  Here are  few pictures of our day:

Working on a time line of Jackson's life

Trying to write with both hands like Garfeild
Eliana did a presentation on Teddy Roosevelt.  We then served his favorite foods - biscuits, hard boiled eggs & mint tea.

Building bridges like FDR

Our little engineer!

The entire group!

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