Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sensory Bin Challenge

Two of my friends have started a challenge. 
 Not really a challenge, just a way to help each other keep the sensory bin filled.  
Here are both of their posts about their bins:  Laura  & Kris

Here is what is currently in our sensory bin:
Valentine Bin

I bought most of this stuff last year on clearance.   Thanks to my friends- I actually used it!  I am amazed at how all of my kids have played in it this afternoon.  Even the 9 year old has been scooping away with her brother.   I plan to leave this in for the rest of the week, then put something new in it.

Here is what is in the bin:

Valentine hearts (cupcake toppers)
Heart shaped ice cube trays
Heart shaped measuring cups
A couple laminated hearts to hide in the rice
Valentine cups
A large ring  - because a girl always needs bling:)

I would love to know what you fill your sensory bin with.  I am always looking for new things to keep the kids busy.  Especially since this winter seems to be going on forever!   Stay tuned in the weeks ahead to see what else we have in our sensory bin. 

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  1. This is fun, inspiring, and motivating! LOVE it!


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