Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Goals: Complete Fail

As I reviewed our 2013 goals I realized we do everything about 50%.  We did not complete one goal last year.  It is rather depressing & embarrassing.  This year we are setting monthly goals.  I am hoping to blog about most of them, so that we have some accountability on getting things done.  Here is what we accomplished in 2013.  

Our goal for the year is numbered, what we actually accomplished is in italics after.  

Bethany's List: 
1.  New recipe each month – tried 6 new recipes
2.  12 DIY projects –  completed 5 projects
3.  Read 48 books  -  completed 40 books      
4.  6 organization projects –  finished 5 of these projects
5.  Establish a good morning routine for myself – I had a great routine unti Trev started working so much over time

Trevor's List:
He asked me to delete his goals.   If you would like to know why talk to him!

1.  Read one book together each month  - only read 2  the entire year
2.  Only watch one hour of TV together each week – I think we made it a week on this one 
3.  Have one family over each month for dinner -  had 4 families over
4.  Find somewhere we can volunteer as a family and volunteer once a month – didn’t even find somewhere to volunteer 
5.  Date night once a month – 4 dates all year
6.  Continue family devotions each night - did really well until Trev started working over time


  1. Even though you didn't meet all your goals, it looks like a successful year to me!

    1. Thanks! I am my biggest critic. Seeing all the things I didn't do always stands out more than the things I did do. It is also a great learning experience.

  2. No matter what you say, I am impressed by you! You are an awesome woman, great friend, and an amazing mom! Plus, I am blown away you read 40 books in a year! WHOA! That alone is a huge accomplishment to me! I can't see that as an unfinished goal! I'm not sure I've read 40 books in my adult life! LOL!

    1. Thank you! A big part of my problem is the comparison trap. I see what others are doing and think I should be able to do that too! I LOVE reading! I have learned to carve out time to read. Doing that has made a huge impact on how much I read.


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1 Corinthians 10:31