Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Fun: It's shoe box time

We have been sending shoe boxes since before we were married. It was such a simple way to share the love of Christ with a child. While Trevor was in Mexico he got to hear first hand about the other side of the shoe box's journey.  The church we served at had received boxes a couple of years before we were there.  Hearing about the process of how areas are chosen only made us love Samaritan's Purse more.   During our years of youth ministry, this was Bethany's project.  We have a lot of pictures that look like this. 
When we started having kids we would send a shoe box for each child.  Eliana has been loading up a shoe box for the last several years.  The twins filled the box themselves last year.  This was Asher's first year to pick the things for the box.   We take a trip to the dollar store and the kids each have $10 to spend.  It is always fun to see what they pick out.  We then add other things that we have collected over the year when we get home.  Here are our boxes ready to go:
We have dropped hundreds of shoe boxes off over the years.
But by far this was our best year ever!  
Even if it was only 4.  
This year we decided to see where our shoe boxes would end up.  We received an email this week that one went to India.  We will keep you updated on where our other three go.  If you would like to send a shoe box next year, you can find all of the information at Operation Christmas Child.

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  1. That is neat! It has been several years since we have done a box. We may need to make this one of our family traditions. Thank you!


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