Friday, October 4, 2013

Liberal or Conservative

I have what I refer to as my 2 groups of friends, my homeschooler friends and my public school friends.  This week I had the JOY of spending time with both of them.  I love my friends and love that they each see me differently.  I realized since I was with each of them within a couple of days of each other, that to some I am super conservative and to the others I am super liberal.  It was a funny realization.  I had planned on making a list to show you the difference, but when I started, I realized that what makes me conservative in one group makes me liberal in the other.  So here are the things that make me – ME!  You can try to figure out which list they fall in:

I drink Coke daily!
I am a Christ following Christian – not just a Sunday morning attender.
I wear pants.
My kids listen to secular music.
Jeremiah doesn’t know all his letters yet and most days I am ok with that!
I have 4 children.
My discipline is not strict enough.
We don’t do school every day.   Sometimes we even do school on the weekends.
I have been known to write my own curriculum.
I let my boys be boys. 
My children will not be in a serious relationship in high school.
I dress way too cute and trendy.
We eat out (fast food) at least once a week.
My kids are only allowed to watch tv, play video games, or play on the kindle for an hour a day.
My discipline is way too old fashioned
I only have 4 children.
I refuse to use the word courting.

In no way am I making fun of my friends beliefs and convictions.  They all know me well enough to know that.  It was just a funny thing I noticed this week that I wanted to share.  I love that I have all sorts of people in my life.   I love that my friends accept me for who I am, and they have not staged an intervention for my Coca-Cola addiction. 

It was once again God reminding me that he made us each with our own gifts and abilities, and that no one fits into a perfect cookie cutter mold.  How boring this world would be if everyone was just like me!


  1. I think you are perfect! You are a great mix! You make other similar moms like myself know that we are just right the way we are. I LOVED your list and laughed as I felt similar feelings to lots of those and how different groups of people view them different ways. Too funny!
    I do think one coke a day it way too conservative for me though ;-)


Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31