Saturday, August 24, 2013

Asher's SMASHING Party

This is the year Asher was finally old enough to express what theme he wanted for his birthday.   He kept going back and forth between Angry Birds Star Wars and Hulk.  In the end Hulk won!  The problem with this theme was finding anything Hulk related.  Since Hulk is an Avenger all products had all of the team on them.  Thanks to pinterest and some google searching I found some great homemade decorations and we just went with everything being green. We had a great day celebrating Asher's 3rd birthday.   Here are a few pictures of his big day!
The birthday boy with the food table.

I found these cookies on etsy.  Rather than buy them I made them.   They are not as good as the ones I found but I still think they turned out really cute.

The birthday boy is ready to smash!

For treat bags I cut up comics and glued them to lunch sacks. I made name plates that the kids colored and glued to their bag.

Here are the kids working on their names.

The twins could not wait to drink there Avenger water.  Duct tape comes in all forms, even Avenger!

We are making the Hulk - ANGRY!

This is what he looked like when we were done.

I found these pudding cups HERE

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