Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Over scheduled

Day 19:  Tell today what to do

As I started reading, he said to write down your schedule and not to write a to do list.  Well, he was already too late.  I write my to do list the night before.  I already had everything figured out for today.  Today is our busiest day of the week; Josiah has speech in the morning and Eliana has art in the afternoon.  We do school in the car and run our errands between the two activities.  As I looked at my schedule, I wasn't even sure when I would have time to write this post. 

Today's action tip was to look for places in your day to be productive or rest.  I kept a close eye on my schedule today.  I realized I didn't have any large blocks of time to do either.  But I did get 10-15 minutes at different times.  One of those is right now as I type.  I may not be able to accomplish large tasks but I was able to do things that take only a few minutes. 

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress.


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1 Corinthians 10:31