Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No Christmas Cards

In an attempt to cut down on our holiday spending we will not be sending out Christmas cards this year.  So here is a review of our year. 

Eliana just celebrated her 8th birthday.  We spent a couple of days in St. Louis to celebrate.  It was just Eliana, mom & dad.  That alone was a treat for her.  She had been saving her money all year and asked all of her relatives for cash as birthday presents so she could go to American Girl.   We spent one day at American Girl.  Her other requests were a book store,  the art museum, and zoo.  She is doing well in school this year, and has learned to work more independently.   She has added a private dance lesson to her weekly group lesson, and right now ballet seems to be her thing.  She loves to read and almost always has a book with her.  The homeschooling group we are a part of has several girls her age.  They are getting to be a pretty tight knit group.   

Josiah & Jeremiah will be 5 in just a few weeks.  How is that possible?  Josiah started taking speech at our local elementary school this year.  It sounds like that will be a weekly routine for us for a couple of years.  We started preschool with the twins this fall.  Josiah is really eager to learn to read.    Jeremiah loves art.  He knows when we are done with lunch the mess begins!   It is very interesting to see how different the twins are.  It is so apparent when I am trying to teach them new things that they both learn so differently.   

Asher Jude turned 2 in August.  He thinks he is as big as his brothers.  He is most definitely the baby!  He is our class clown.  He can get everyone in this family laughing.   We never knew how much joy one person could add to a family.  

Trevor is still working at the water treatment plant in Charleston.  He is once again coaching the varsity basketball team at CCA.   Bethany is busy homeschooling, and has joined the leadership team of the local homeschooling group.  

Our family wishes your family a wonderful holiday season! 

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