Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Review: To Love and Cherish

To Love and Cherish
Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller

This wonderfully told love story is staged in Georgia and Ohio in 1898.  The main text of the book takes place on an imaginary island, Bridal Veil, off the the coast of Georgia.  Melinda is the companion of a wealthy woman from Cincinatti.  Evan is one of the workers on the island.   Melinda was raised in high society but due to her parents deaths, must now work for former friends.   The story line follows her travels from the island to Cincinatti, and back to the island after a storm hits.  The event reunites her with her brother, a  mysterious character.  His lifestyle choices are different than his sisters and she worries about him.  Evan is the love of Melinda's life and she returns to the island hoping he will propose marriage.  She is  constantly reminded throughout the book to wait on God's timing and not try to push things along on her own, a good reminder to all Christians.  The constant theme of a president visiting the island, makes for another story line all together.  It is wonderfully told and makes the book hard to put down.  I was always wondering who was on what side and how the situation would end.   The book was a very quick read.  I didn't realize until I finished that it is one in a series of books.  The development of the characters was so good, I didn't know there was a whole book written about how they meet.  That is now on my to read list and I look forward to the next book in the series:  Bridal Veil Island.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishing. 

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