Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Fun: Visit the zoo

 Eliana's review of the zoo:

Dad, Eliana and Josiah saw a boy peacock spread  out his feathers  and when you get close to them  he will shake them.  We got to see bears.  We got to ride on the train.  My favorite part was going to see the lions.  We saw a whole family.  There was one boy lion, he was the dad.  There was 2 girls.  There was another boy lion, he was a little lion. .  When we got on the train, we saw a tiger.  We got to see 2 types of bears - black & grizzly.  We got to see all kinds of the monkeys that were adorable.  Some of the monkeys were not out.  The lemurs were making  a very loud noise.  I really want a  lemur because they are so cute.  I got to pet a sting ray at the zoo.  At first I was really scared, but when I felt it and then we had to leave I was sad.   The train ride was long and boring.  The boys thought it was fun.   We saw black mamba,  rattle snakes, and a king cobra.  I thought it was cool to see deadly snakes.  I also saw a python which creeped me out.  Josiah's favorite animal was the parrot.  Jeremiah's favorite animals were the snakes.  Asher got the most excited about the monkeys.

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  1. How fun! My favorite is the Hippos!! I love watching them swim in the water. Love your pictures too!!



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