Monday, June 4, 2012

Siblings Reunited

Brother and sister, who grew up together years ago,  have been reunited in the same assisted living facility.  Sounds wonderful, doesn't it......

Brother was the youngest of 10 children, the eight oldest all being sisters.  Don't you think he had lots of bosses when he was young?  Maybe that's why he doesn't like for big sister to tell him what to do now.  He's been basically on his own since the age of 14.  Did get married, have a family and a wife to boss him around.  Both of his children are gone, his wife is gone and he can  make his own decisions, doesn't need help.  

However, his big sister, eight years his senior, thinks she should be able to give him direction and guidance... didn't she used to do that when he was little?  

He moved into the assisted living facility at age 91, big sister has been there 6-7 years.  He thought it would be a comfort for her if he was there too.  What he didn't realize was that she would be a pest.  They finally had to get him a lock for his door to keep her from barging in at any time.  When he leaves the facility, he still has his driver's license, she expects him to tell her where he's going and when he'll be back.  He doesn't like reporting to her, even if she is "big sister." 

Aging seems to revert us back to "childish ways."  She can't see anything wrong with trying to boss him around.  Oh my goodness!

Written by Carol Stewart

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  1. This made me laugh! I am going to act like this was posted just for me as I am at my little sister's house. Helping her move across country...I know she will appreciate me biting my tongue and not 'bossing' her. Thanks for posting, Gigi! (hope you post again)


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