Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April Goals = better than March

Even though I did not get everything finished on my goal list this month, it still feels like I got a lot accomplished.  I didn't finish both books on my list, but I did read a couple of fiction books this month.  For those of you that use library loan you will understand this.  I have several books on my list that I am waiting for.  You never know when you request a book how many other people have also requested the same book.  It is a waiting game.  One of my books came in this month and I had 1 week to read it.  I am over 1/2 way through Beth Moore's  So Long Insecurity.

If you have never read a Beth Moore book, I highly recommend it.  She writes like you are having a conversation with her.  I feel like I could sit down with her over drinks and it would be like talking with an old friend.  The context of this book is about insecurity.  For those of you that are secure in everything you do - I applaud you - but that is not me.  This book has been hard to get through because of the changing it is doing in me.   God has been pointing out lots of pride issues in my life and this book is going to the next layer.  It has been a good book, just taken a little longer to read than normal.

I was supposed to paint the hall closet door with chalk board paint this month.  When I say "I", it means Trevor.  I (Bethany) am not allowed to paint.  Trev took on the project of replacing the dining room floor this month - so the hall closet had to wait.  Maybe it will get done next month.

We tried two new recipes this month:  Chick -Fil-a Nuggets  & Home made cheese its
The nuggets were amazing.  They will be the only chicken nuggets I make from now on.  The cheese its were also great.  I didn't roll them out thin enough so they were not crunchy like a cracker.  My kids didn't care and ate them up.  This recipe only made enough for snack time one day.  Next time, and there will be a next time,  I'll roll the dough out thinner and double the recipe.

This month's clean/organize goal was to clean out the laundry/utility room.  I broke it down into a two month goal.  It is the only room we have to store things so it becomes a cluttered mess.  I did take a before picture and if I can make  the room look the  way I want it to next month I'll post before and after pictures.

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  1. Whitney just bought So Long Insecurity and is halfway through it! She's shipping it to me next and I cannot wait to get started!


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