Monday, March 26, 2012

Eliana's take on the Shelbyville Dam

The Dam was made by an Army of Engineers.  The first thing we did was go across a cat walk.  The cat walk was over water.  The cat walk was metal and it was scary.  We went down 102 stairs on a twirly staircase.  We went all the way to the end of the tunnel.  The wall was cold and we could put our ear against it and hear the water.  I thought the dam  was made by a beaver but I learned humans can make dams too.

We also got to see reptiles.  One of the reptiles was a snake.  It was a corn snake.  I thought it ate corn because it is a corn snake.  We also saw turtles.  We got to touch both of the reptiles.  That was fun.  Then it started raining.  Then we went home.

The corn snake
Josiah touching the turtle
Hanging out at the visitors center

Eliana with her friend Emma


  1. How cool!
    So what does a corn snake eat then?

  2. Fun pictures and a great report!


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