Monday, February 27, 2012

Product Loyality

When I was growing up my dad had his own business.  He has very strong opinions about supporting business that supported him.  For years I could not eat at Arby’s because the owner did all of his business with my dad’s biggest competitor.  Dairy Queen was always ok because that family had my dad do all of the antenna work at their house and business.   I bought my first car from our insurance provider's son.  Why?  Because my parents said they support us we support them.  Today I officially became my dad.  Eliana with her super human strength broke my broom this week.  I still don’t know how she did it.   Yesterday, Eliana and I went to the Mart to find a new broom.   I thought this would be a simple task.  Well, it wasn’t.  We walked down the aisle looking for the proper broom.   Eliana kept saying "Here is one."  I kept saying "No that’s not the right one."  Walmart did not carry a Libman broom!  Here is where I became my dad – Eliana asked "Why do you need to buy a Libman?"  My response, "Our good friend works for Libman, we are buying a Libman broom to support his business!"    Okay, so not exactly my dad’s words but basically the same logic.  I left Walmart without a broom.  This morning I super glued the old one together, until I can get to a store that sells the broom I want.

What crazy things have you done in order to support a business or friend?  I would love to know I am not alone in this!


  1. We shop Menards (and support American made products) instead of Home Depot even though it is farther away because they carry his company's products. His company partners with SC Johnson - so we buy them (plus they are also a family-owned company). We buy things at the local Amish store because the money stays in our community. But I have to admit that my favorite way to 'support a business' is to eat at privately owned and not chain restaurants!

  2. Um...I have to buy Kraft now :o)

  3. You are not alone. We always buy from local stores, not only to support them but because they also provide the best customer service and help. The prices are just as competitive and many times, lower. We also eat at local restaurants instead of the chains....better food, better service, better prices, better atmosphere.


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1 Corinthians 10:31