Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Goals

I completed both books for January early in the month.  Here is what I (Bethany) read:

 Love Times Three
 By: Joe, Alina, Vicki, and Valerie Darger

If you are at all curious about how a polygamist marriage works this is a good read.  The book reveals how their marriage is similar to everyone else.  It is a little difficult to follow at times, as each chapter is written by a different spouse.  The last chapter is written by a few of their oldest children.  I was interested to hear how the kids felt about the lifestyle their parents had chosen.  Their faith is a big part of their lives, as it has motivated their marriage choice.  It made me think about how other people few my faith, but left me wondering how crazy some people must  think I am for the          things I believe.

 Taming Your Family Zoo  
Six weeks to Raising a well- mannered Child
by Donna Jones

The quote from the top of our blog is from this book.  If you are looking for a list of ways to help your kids learn manners this is for you. The first part of the book is about us as parents and how we have trained our children to respond certain ways.  Let me say that was an OUCH moment!  The second part of the book is broken down into 6 things to work on with your children.  Each task/skill is to be completed in a week.  I cheated - since I got this from inter-library loan I could not keep it for 6 weeks.  If I find it second hand I will be adding it to our home library.  One thing I really liked about the book is she gives you realistic things your children should be doing at certain ages. 

The rest of the goals I set for the month:

Kids book to read aloud:  This one we didn't get done.  School started back up after our Christmas break and it is always a little hard to find our groove.  We finished On the Banks of Plum Creek.  Since that is what our unit study is about it doesn't count as our read aloud book.

Crafty thing:  Tech Tickets

Cleaning/Organization:  I cleaned out the fridge.  I waited until the 31st to do it.  Had I not had it on a list that I wanted to cross off - it would not have been done.  I only cleaned the inside of the fridge, not the freezer section or the exterior.  So by my mothers standards it is still not clean but it is good enough for now!

Marriage:  Trev & I have almost finished The Scarlet Letter.  Our date night this month consisted of dinner out and grocery shopping.  I know we live an exciting life!

New recipe: French Onion Soup
My family doesn't eat french onion soup but I use it in a lot of recipes.  This recipe made about 6 cups.  I put it in freezer bags and froze it.  I have used it in our regular recipes and it tasted great.  One more thing I can now say I don't need to buy any more of!

DIY: Homemade Peanut Butter
This was a complete fail.  My dad gave all the kids a large bag of peanuts in the shells for Christmas.  From our last experience of having this many peanuts in the house I knew we would not eat them all before they went bad.  Making my own peanut butter sounded like a good idea.  I do not own a food processor.  My mother convinced me a blender would do the same thing.  Well-  I now have finely chopped peanuts that will be making there way into granola bars.  I still have no home made peanut butter.

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