Friday, January 13, 2012

History report from Eliana

History of Illinois

The ferst tribs in Illinois were the foxs.  Illinois yoost to have bears a long long long time ago.  Smaller than 2000 french people ferst lived in Illinois.  After the French came the British.  The British stade in Illinois. 

 Illinois state flag

The state flower:  violet
The state fish:  blue gill
The state bird:  cardinal

Look for a post next week where Eliana tells you about our field trip to Petropics.


  1. I learned some new things from your report. Thank you for sharing, Eliana. Very nice work! Laura

  2. Great job! Keep working hard!
    Brenda and Bogey

  3. We are getting ready to study Illinois next week! I didn't know that the blue gill was the state fish or that bears used to live in Illinois! Those are both things I will share with the boys when I teach about Illinois next week!! Thank you!



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